Bevel edge milling machine with the optional base ZKF100
EKF Deburring and chamfering machine:
Quick edge machining with precision.
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Made in German
The BDS machine is ideally suitable for the deburring and
chamfering of metal parts made of steel, stainless steel,
nonferrous metals, brass and plastics. The hand, compact
design allows the use for straight edges, internal and external
radius and bore holes from 22 mm.
The fine adjustment allows slight chamfers for deburring up to
the preparation of welding seams. Two milling cutters with a
chamfering angle of 45 or optionally 30 are available.
Milling cutter 45
Chamfer 0 - 8 mm
Milling cutter 30
Chamfer 0 - 7 mm
A powerful motor with 1,500 W
motor output, soft start, ther-
mal and overload protection,
provides the basic prerequisite
for a strong machine.
High-performance sintered car-
bide reversible disks in con-
nection with a motor speed
adapted to these applications
ensure optimum working
The reversible disks can be
used in 3 ways.
Due to the small guiding roller,
insertion into bore holes from
22 mm is possible without
any problems.
The BDS Deburring and
Chamfering machine can be
universally used for industry
and craft.
4,6 kg
The machine is suitable
for the following fields
of application:
Mould making:
Deburring of contours,
radius, bore holes
Boiler and process plant
Preparation of welding
seams on heat exchangers
Preparation of welding
seams 30 up to 7 mm
Mechanical engineering:
Deburring of machine parts
Chamfering of edges as pro-
tection against peeling of the
varnish after painting
Making of visible edges
Sheet metal working:
Deburring of cut edges
Deburring and Chamfering
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EKF Deburring and chamfering machine Specification
Motor voltage:
220 - 240 VAC, also 110 volts
50 - 60 Hz A.C.
1.5 kW
6,000 min
Chamfer angle:
45 optionally 30
Land width:
45 0 - 8 mm continuously
30 0 -7 mm continuously
Soft start
Overheating protection
Overload limitation
Dimensions: L x W x H:
310 x 138 x 295 mm
4.6 kg
Order No.
EKF 450 Version 45
EKF 300 Version 30
ZFR 450 Milling tool 45
ZFR 300 Milling tool 30
SHM 200 Sintered carbide
reversible disk:
# 2 per milling cutter
ZKF 100
Metal Base for BDS Deburring
and Bevelling machines
EKF 300 and EKF 450.
EKF Scope of delivery
1 Deburring and chamfering
1 Milling cutter of your choice
2 sintered carbide reversible
1 Spanner SW 22
1 Steel carry case
1 Sickle spanner
1 Torx screw driver T 9
1 Operating manual
1 Warranty certificate
Milling tool 45
Milling tool 30
Sintered carbide reversible disks (# 2
per milling tool)
In case of any questions, please do
not hesitate to contact us at any time.
Edges, narrow radius in
long holes and bores
with the EKF Deburring
and Chamfering Machine
various materials can be
machined easily and
Stationary deburring of small parts up to a land width of 2 mm.
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