AUTOMAB 2000 / 2000 S Magnetic core drilling
machine: With automatic feed.
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No more drilling by hand but automatically.
The AUTOMAB 2000 was developed for professional applica-
tions. A high drilling performance combined with continuous
operation is just right for this type of machine. Especially when
drilling a great number of holes, the time and cost saving advan-
tages of this machine becomes obvious. The machine operator
carries out control functions, consequently, more free time is
provided for parallel tasks or the simultaneous use of further
The advantages at a glance:
Fully-automatic drilling
The operator can control
several machines at the
same time.
Controlled feed rate
Automatic quick return at
the end of the drilling proce-
Straightforward, practically
oriented operation
High magnetic adhesion
for safe working at each
position with integrated
safety cut-off.
18,500 N
21 kg
KBK 14 40
Automatic int. lubrication
Two-stage gear
Made in Germany
450 min
250 min
Magnetic Core Drilling
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AUTOMAB 2000 / 2000 S Specification:
Tool holder:
Quick-change drill chuck system direct arbor
KEYLESS 19 mm Weldon shank
Core drill short 30 mm:
14 - 40 mm
Power consumption:
1200 Watt
230 V AC
Magnetic adhesion:
18,500 N
Speed range 1:
250 min
Speed range 2:
450 min
Permanent internal lubrication:
Feed rate control function:
2-stage feed:
21 kg
Order No.
MAB 2000
With direct core drill arbor instead of the KEYLESS quick
change drill chuck system
Order No.
MAB 2000 S
MAB 2000 Scope of delivery
1 Magnetic core drilling
1 Quick-change drill chuck
system KEYLESS
1 Steel carry case
1 Safety chain
1 Operating manual
1 Warranty certificate
MAB 2000 S Scope of deli-
1 Magnetic core drilling
1 Direct core drill arbor
1 Steel carry case
1 Safety chain
1 Operating manual
1 Warranty certificate
Feed is activated by pushing the handles.
Upon the end of the drilling procedure, the
motor returns to the zero position.
The feed rate is controlled electronically, the
cutting pressure is proportionally adapted.
Core drills for MAB 2000
Accessories for MAB 2000
High-performance lubrication spray
High-performance cutting oil
Passive safety: The magnet indica-
tor "Magnet Power" signals red if
the available magnetic adhesion is
not sufficient. It signals green, if the
magnetic adhesion is sufficient.
A safety circuit prevents the
automatic feed starting when
the diode shows red light.