MAB 100 Magnetic core drilling machine:
The compact bundle of energy.
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The compact bundle of energy made by BDS has a weight
of only 9.9 kg perfectly suitable for professional robust
assembly applications, even in the case of overhead work.
The MAB 100 distinguishes itself by high quality and reliable
functioning. With protected cable routing, integrated internal
lubrication of the core drills and the new high-precision guid-
Suitable for BDS Vario, PM,
Standard and sintered car-
bide core drills.
Cutting depth 25 mm
12 - 35 mm
Automatic internal
The cutting oil is internally sup-
plied to the cutting edge.
Optimum oil flow, convenient
The compact
The compact structural shape
allows easy working even in
cramped surroundings.
15,000 N
9.9 kg
KBK 12 30 mm
Made in Germany
Automatic int. lubrication
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Magnetic Core Drilling
MAB 100 Specification
Tool holder:
Direct arbor
19 mm Weldon shank
Core drill short 30 mm:
12 - 30 mm
Power consumption:
800 Watt
230 V AC
Magnetic adhesion:
15,000 N
Working stroke:
80 mm
450 min
Control function for magnet:
Permanent internal lubrication:
9.9 kg
Order No.
MAB 100
MAB 100/ 110 Volt
MAB 100 Scope of delivery
1 Magnetic core drilling machine
1 Direct core drill arbor
1 Ejector pin ZAK 075
1 Steel carry case
1 Safety chain
1 Hexagon socket screw key
SW 4
1 Operating manual
1 Warranty certificate
Core drills for MAB 100
Accessories for MAB 100
High-performance lubrication spray
High-performance cutting oil
Core drilling technology
The MAB 100 proves special qualities if it becomes narrow.
Working without having enough room demands for a compact
machine with power reserves - the MAB 100.
Easy removal: Removal of
force! Absolutely
Power Worker
The practical chip
protection is available
as an option.
Everything is clear:
The complete MAB 100
is kept in a tailor-made
foam insert inside a
strong metal box.
drilling chips with magnetic
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