Four-stage gear
65 -
175 min
110 -
110 min
220 -
600 min
140 -
370 min
MAB 1000 Magnetic core drilling machine:
The rugged bundle of core drilling power.
This exceptional magnetic core drilling machine presents
itself as particularly robust and strong. The magnetic adhe-
sion of 48,000 N and the direct, stable tool holder with thrust
bearing directly shows what we are talking about: Pure power
when drilling large holes up to 130 mm.
48,000 N
36 kg
The making of holes of these
dimensions is demanding and
requires a spectrum of techni-
cal performance and safety
features of the machine.
This spectrum includes
the full wave control electro-
the mechanic safety friction
the torque control
The MAB 1000 is the most
powerful machine of the
MAB series made by BDS
Maschinen. Uncompromising
when continuous operation
and high performance is con-
KBK 61130
KBL 61100
Automatic int. lubrication
Made in Germany
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MAB 1000 Specification:
Tool holder:
Direct arbor for
32 mm Weldon shank
Core drill short 30 mm:
61 - 130 mm
Core drill long 55 mm:
61 - 100 mm
Power consumption:
1800 Watt
230 V AC
Magnetic adhesion:
48,000 N
Working stroke:
85 mm
Speed range 1:
40 - 110 min
Speed range 2:
65 - 175 min
Speed range 3:
140 - 370 min
Speed range 4:
220 - 600 min
Full wave control electronics:
Overheating protection:
Safety friction clutch:
Torque control adjustable:
Permanent internal lubrication:
36 kg
Order No.
MAB 1000
MAB 1000/ 110 Volt
MAB 1000 Scope of delivery
1 Magnetic core drilling machine
1 Steel carry case
1 Safety chain
1 Hexagon socket screw key
SW 6
1 Drill drift MT 3
1 Operating manual
1 Warranty certificate
Core drills for MAB 1000
Accessories for MAB 1000
Vacuum clamping device
Adapter for core drill with
19 mm Weldon shank ZAP 200
In case of any questions, please do
not hesitate to contact us at any time.
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Positioning and drilling with ease. Working without exertion.
Each working position can be realized. The powerful magnet secures the machine and creates
stable conditions during drilling.
Magnetic Core Drilling
In the case of a large bore dia-
meter, spray the tool with the
lubrication spray ZHS 400
before. Thus, lubrication is
guaranteed right from the
BDS Lubrication spray Page