MAB 400 Magnetic core drilling machine:
The flexible classic.
The BDS Core Drilling Machine
of the MAB 400 series repre-
sents a very good price-per-
formance ratio:
Good machine performance
for economic working results.
High-quality Made in
Germany for trouble free
functioning of all parts.
Result: All in all, the sum of
the BDS advantages is the
lead over your competitors.
KBK 12 35 mm
15,000 N
16 mm
12 kg
A sophisticated successful development. The BDS classic
indispensable for any building site allows core drilling up to
35 mm in speed range 1 and additionally twist drilling at high
speed in range 2. The powerful 1.050 W motor and the integrated
internal lubrication system guarantee maximum cutting per-
formance and a long tool life. Just test it.
Quick and easy drill
chuck assembly with
the adapter ZAP 100.
Automatic int. lubrication
Two-stage gear
760 min
430 min
Made in Germany
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Tool holder:
Direct arbor
19 mm Weldon shank
Core drill short 30 mm:
12-35 mm
Twist drill:
16 mm
Power consumption:
1050 Watt
230 V AC
Magnetic adhesion:
15,000 N
Working stroke:
150 mm
Stage 1:
430 min
Stage 2:
760 min
Control function for magnet:
Permanent internal lubrication:
12 kg
Order No.
MAB 400
MAB 400/ 110 Volt
MAB 400 Scope of delivery
1 Magnetic core drilling machine
1 Direct core drill arbor
1 Ejector pin ZAK 075
1 Steel carry case
1 Safety chain
1 Hexagon socket screw key
SW 4
1 Operating manual
1 Warranty certificate
Horizontal drilling: No problem. The stable, steady
position for precise working results is created by high
electromagnetic power. Lubrication is now made with
the highperformance lubrication spray by BDS.
BDS Core Drilling Machine and
the original BDS core drills in
perfect cooperation.
Core drills for MAB 400
Accessories for MAB 400
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Magnetic Core Drilling
Everything is clear: The
complete MAB 400 is
kept in a tailor-made
foam insert inside a
strong metal box.
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