MAB 800, MAB 840 Magnetic core drilling
machine: The multi-purpose all-rounder.
30,000 N
25 kg
M5 - M30
31.75 mm
31.75 mm
50 mm
KBL 12100
KBK 12100
A machine developed for structural steel engineering, plant
and mechanical engineering. Precise, robust and versatile are
its highlights.
Drilling of large holes with great accuracy in no time.
Speed control for work without any loss of power.
The overheating protection prevents overload of the motor.
The mechanical safety friction clutch protects the gear if the
   tool jams.
The MT3 tool holder allows the
use of core drills, reamers,
taps, countersinks, solid drills
and re-boring tools.
Automatic int. lubrication
Four-stage gear
65 -
175 min
40 -
110 min
220 -
600 min
140 -
360 min
Made in Germany
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Magnetic Core Drilling
Best application possibili-
ties for repair work and
special purpose mechanical
engineering. Strong, power-
ful and flexible.
The machines of the MAB
840 series are provided with a
rotating mechanism. The foot,
which can be rotated by 30
to both sides, can be moved
forward or backward by 20
mm. That means utmost flexi-
bility for the positioning of the
machine in use: Attach the
machine, secure it by means
of the magnet and than posi-
tion it precisely. This allows
drilling work directly next to
walls of the material.
The rotating mechanism
allows angular positions of 30
to both sides and a longitudi-
nal displacement by 20 mm.
The exact positioning of the
drill hole can be made easily
and precisely, even under diffi-
cult circumstances.
A machine with many talents...
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The MT3 tool holder allows
the use of core drills, ream-
ers, taps, countersinks and
solid drills. Due to the exten-
sive range of accessories,
such as the vacuum clamping
plate for non-magnetic sur-
faces or the tube clamping
device, this machine is suit-
able for every kind of work.
...flexible in use on the site and in the workshop.
Core driling...
Solid drilling...
Thread cutting...
Reaming, everything is possible.
The magnetic core drilling
machine MAB 800 can be
made even more flexible
with the optional tube
clamping device ZRO 500.
This clamping device guar-
antees best adhesion due
to the tension chains and
swivelling V-blocks. These
V-blocks ensure a positive
joining with the tube.
The perfect machine for
pipeline engineering.
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Magnetic Core Drilling
MAB 800/ 840 Specification
Tool holder:
Morse taper MT 3
Core drill tool holder:
Quick-change drill chuck
system KEYLESS
MT3 for 19mm Weldon shank
Industrial arbor:
MT3 for 32mm Weldon shank
Core drill short 30 mm:
12 - 100 mm
Core drill long 55 mm:
12 - 100 mm
Core drill extra long 110 mm:
20 - 50 mm
Twist drill:
31.75 mm
31.75 mm
50 mm
Thread cutting:
M5 - M30
Power consumption:
1800 Watt
230 V AC
Magnetic adhesion:
30,000 N
Working stroke:
255 mm
Speed range 1:
40 - 110 min
Speed range 2:
65 - 175 min
Speed range 3:
140 - 370 min
Speed range 4:
220 - 600 min
Full wave control electronics:
CW/CCW operation:
Overheating protection:
Safety friction clutch:
Torque control:
Control function for magnet:
Permanent internal lubrication:
25 kg
Order No.
MAB 800
MAB 800/ 110 Volt
MAB 840 Additional equipment:
Magnetic core drilling machine with rotating mechanism.
Adjustable by 30 to both sides and longitudinal
displacement by 20 mm
Order No.
MAB 840
MAB 840/ 110 Volt
MAB 800 Scope of delivery
1 Magnetic core drilling
1 Quick-change drill chuck
system KEYLESS
1 Industrial arbor MT 3/
32 mm Weldon shank
1 Ejector pin ZAK 075
1 Ejector pin ZAK 090
1 Ejector pin ZAK 100
1 Ejector pin ZAK 120
1 Steel carry case
1 Safety chain
1 Hexagon socket screw
key SW 6
1 Drill drift MT 3
1 Operating manual
1 Warranty certificate
Core drills
In case of any questions, please do
not hesitate to contact us at any time.
Optimal! BDS Core Drilling
Machines and BDS Cutting Oil
the perfect team.
BDS Cutting Oil
Everything is clear: The
complete MAB 800 / MAB 840
is kept in a tailormade foam
insert inside a strong
metal box.
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