MAB 900 Core drilling machine:
The rail core drilling machine.
180 -
450 min
50 -
250 min
16 kg
PMK 18 35
The specialist among the all-rounders of BDS. This machine
was exclusively designed with all thoroughness for the drilling of
rail profiles. The machine is attached to the rail by means of a
quick-action clamping system. Adapters are available for various
rail profiles. Included is usually 1 adapter at one's choice. A
high-pressure tank ensures a permanent cooling of the tool dur-
ing drilling. This increases the tool service life.
All types of rails can be drilled by means of exchangeable profile templates.
The straightforward positioning allows the use even under difficult circumstances.
SMR 29/32
S 49/54
UIC 50/54/60
Made in Germany
Two-stage gear
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Magnetic Core Drilling
MAB 900 Scope of delivery
1 Rail drilling machine
1 Quick-action clamping device
1 High-pressure tank, 5 litres
1 Reversing ratchet
1 Rail adapter of your choice
(no special version)
1 Industrial arbor
MT 2/19 mm Weldon shank
1 Drill drift MT 2
1 Hexagon socket screw key
SW 5
1 Operating manual
1 Warranty certificate
Core drills for MAB 900
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The quick-action clamping device exerts a pressure of 1.2
tons onto the rail foot, thus creating the required stability
during drilling.
The ratchet feed in action.
The position of the machine is
fixed by means of the position-
ing template in accordance
with the rail profile. By doing
so, the drilling height and dis-
tance is exactly determined
Upon the end of the drilling
procedure, the reversing ratch-
et allows the quick return of
the motor carriage.
MAB 900 Specification:
Tool holder:
Morse taper MT 2
Core drill tool holder:
MT 2 for 19 mm Weldon
Core drill short 30 mm:
18 - 35 mm
Special PM core drill:
Power consumption:
1150 Watt
230 V AC
Working stroke:
125 mm
Speed range 1:
50 - 250 min
Speed range 2:
180 - 450 min
Full wave control electronics:
Overheating protection:
16 kg
Order No.
MAB 900
MAB 900/ 110 Volt
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