Clamping device for BDS Magnetic Core Drilling
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Mobil Clamp clamping device
Clamping device
Order No.
ZMC 180
Jaw width:
100 mm
Quick-action clamping jaw:
80 mm clamping width
V-block clamping jaw:
Base for clamping device
Order No.
ZMC 300
A true progress in core
drilling technology: The new
clamping system MOBIL
CLAMP can be used to con-
vert the core drilling machine
into a bench drill.
Consequently, the user
options can be substantially
extended. Parts, which so far
could only be drilled in the
workshop, can now also be
machined directly on site.
Above all, it is possible to drill,
countersink , ream or tap
small parts, since these can
be mounted without any prob-
lems into the quick clamping
With the mounting of the core
drilling machine onto the sur-
face of the vice and the subse-
quent activating of the mag-
net, you will have a flexible,
stationary drilling machine in
next no time. The magnetic
core drilling machine becomes
a multi-talent: whether large or
small applications, flat or
high, with the twist drill or the
reamer, everything is possible.
A stable support, designed for
the Mobil Clamp clamping
device, ensures the correct
working height and a comfort-
able and reliable working.
The magnetic core drilling
machine is placed on the
clamping plate and, in longitu-
dinal direction of movement,
exactly adjusted to point of
machining by means of an
adjusting screw. Jaws with
step and V-block for the clamp-
ing of flat and round material.
Safe and quick clamping with
quick adjustment.