Accessories for magnetic
core drilling machines
Power Worker: Sharp-edged
drilling chips are its speciality.
The BDS Power Worker is
there when there is a risk of
injury - always and everywhere.
Easily and safely it removes
the drilling chips with magnetic
Pushing off
It is obvious that the power of
the Power Worker can also be
used to remove metals from
unapproachable positions, and
the key under the lathe
comes to the surface
Power Worker - indispensable in the
Application: Chip protection
for BDS Magnetic Core
Drilling Machines, detachable
Order No.
ZSS 050
Suitable for:
MAB 100 -
MAB 480
Order No.
ZSS 500
Suitable for:
MAB 500 -
MAB 850
Chip protection for Magnetic
Core Drilling Machines
Order No.
POW 100
Power Worker
... and wiped off over the scrap metal
container by actuating the mechanics
without any risk of injury.
All iron chips fall off immediately and
The BDS Power Worker is
also very useful when picking up
screws or other metal parts.
Hot, razor-sharp drilling chips are collected by the strong magnet...
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