SKF 20 Bevel edge milling machine.
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Made in Germany
22 kg
For easy and fast preparation of welding seams, this BDS
machine is just perfectly suited. Due to the low weight of 22
kg the system is easy to handle and, as a result of the soft run-
ning guide rollers, it can also be guided without effort.
This results in uniformly cut edges for perfect welding seams.
The BDS SKF 20 is suitable
for the machining of
standard steel
stainless steel
nonferrous heavy metal
The milling angle can be con-
tinuously adjusted from 15 to
60 with a maximum land
width of 15 mm. The robust
structure of the machine has
been designed for continuous
operation that means saving
time and costs.
The system works with 2
disk milling cutters, which
are provided with 6 sintered
carbide reversible disks
The SKF 20 is provided with a
compressed air connection for
cooling purposes. The SKF 20
becomes even more flexible by
the optionally available attach-
ment for the edge processing
of pipes up to 160 mm.
Land width
Land width pipe machining
Deburring and Chamfering
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SKF 20 Specification
Motor voltage:
220 - 240 VAC,
50 - 60 Hz
1,1 kW
2850 min
by manpower
Land width:
15 mm
Angular adjustment:
15 - 60 without steps
automatic electric safety
clutch/secured start
Dimensions: L x W x H:
420 x 330 x 300 mm
22 kg
2 disk milling cutters 63mm
provided with 12 sintered
carbide reversible inserts
Order No.
SKF 020
SHM 500 Reversible Insert
SFR 063 Disk milling cutter
SFS 100 Milling spindle
SRE 160 Pipe insert
Scope of delivery
1 Bevel edge milling machine
1 Steel carry case
12 sintered carbide reversible
inserts SHM 500
1 Sickle spanner
1 Hexagon socket screw key
1 Take-off for disk milling
1 Operating manual
1 Warranty certificate
In case of any questions, please do
not hesitate to contact us at any time.
Robust design for continuous operation, single-operator
control and precise roller guidance for the reduction of
frictional resistance.
The SKF 20 is provided with a
compressed air connection for
the cooling of the reversible